May, 2012

Forgot to post photo this yesterday

Rainy Day Walk

Rainy days are welcome because they make us feel OK to stay inside and do the work that pays for the sunny days when we play in the field. Looking at my bank account makes me pray for rain. Still, rain or shine, Mona needs her “outside!” time. The other day she was asleep upstairs [...]

Gyoja Ninniku (Alpine Leek)

One of the spring cash-crops in this area is Gyoja Ninniku, or Alpine Leek. While it grows wild, and is considered a wild mountain vegetable, most of what you will find here and in the stores are cultivated. We have some in one of our fields that were growing long before we moved here, but [...]

Tomoe finds Facebook

It has been a long, uphill struggle to get Tomoe to do more self-promoting, or rather promoting herself in order to promote her breads and Warashibe Kitchen goods. She wouldn’t even put her own waffles onto her facebook page so I have been gently pointing out the benefits that could come from sharing a bit [...]

Open Invite to a Rice Planting Party

These photos are from past years, but all are invited to come join us in Northern Nagano to get you feet muddy in the rice fields. There is a lot of field to be planted, but still time to relax and enjoy the area and a soak in the hot-spring afterwards. Dates: May 20-25, June [...]

Today’s find. I am very tempted to see how they taste because the texture is so inviting, but I wont, because it would be like gulping down cup-fulls of water from the neighbor’s rice paddy. Hope they hatch soon or they will be dried and tilled into the mud. I suspect they will, if the [...]


It is rare to find tsukushi horsetail this late with the pollen still intact (which is when they are good for the eatin’). Because the snow melts slower a bit up the mountain, today was the perfect day for perfect tsukushi.

Nabekura kogen

Took a little day-trip to nearby Nabekura Kogen and Mori-no-ie to meet some friends. Its only a short ride up the mountain, but for some reason we rarely get up there. When we do, we always end up wishing we lived there instead of where we do live. It is more remote, yet much closer [...]

I Lied

But I swear I didn’t know it. My mom asked me today about the fields and I told her there was still snow in our rice field. I could have sworn it was there a few days ago, but today when I went past I see that I have no excuse for not getting out [...]

Kiri-boshi Daikon (Cut Dried Radish)

About twenty of the radishes that were excavated the other day now fit into three big ziplock bags. Thanks to Tomoe’s hard work they should last through the year. The pond is cleaned out and being prepared to serve as the summer chicken coop, since the only time we really need that much water is [...]