Open Invite to a Rice Planting Party

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These photos are from past years, but all are invited to come join us in Northern Nagano to get you feet muddy in the rice fields. There is a lot of field to be planted, but still time to relax and enjoy the area and a soak in the hot-spring afterwards.

May 20-25, June 3-6 (single or multi-day help is appreciated)

Sakae Mura, Nagano (Google Map)

Room and futon provided at our home. Short walk from hot-spring bath.

Getting Here:
3 hours from Tokyo via Shinkansen/bus combo
1.75 hours from Nagano by train.
I will send detailed instructions to anyone interested


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Do to schedule conflicts with some Spring Bike trips I am running, we are only able to accept helpers who will stay at the house between May 20 and May 25, and June 3 – 6. If you or someone you know happens to have free days during the week, we would love a hand.

This year we are planting twice as much area as previous years because neighbors complain if we leave fields unplanted, and we have learned that it is almost just as much work to grow nothing and “harvest” the weeds, as it is to grow rice and harvest that. Growing rice instead of weeds, however, has some obvious side-benefits.

The hard part however, will not be the planting, but the weeding. We have been having enough trouble keeping up with the weeds in the fields we planted in previous years. It will be a huge challenge to do try to manage such a large area without adding weed-killer, so we may end up doing that for some of the fields this year.


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