Nabekura kogen

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Took a little day-trip to nearby Nabekura Kogen and Mori-no-ie to meet some friends. Its only a short ride up the mountain, but for some reason we rarely get up there.

When we do, we always end up wishing we lived there instead of where we do live. It is more remote, yet much closer to “the action”, being right next door to the area’s premier outdoor/nature center, and only a fifteen minute drive down the mountain to the main city (compared to forty-five minutes for us). It also wide open and we would be able to let Mona run and play without worrying that she will be killed by our crazy neighbors who somehow manage to accelerate their vehicles to 50+km/h before driving past our house, despite the fact that the road we live on is only 300 meters long – and we live in the middle.

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In the end though, we return home and there are neighbors and children and grandchildren playing outside, and people poking their heads into our door bearing gifts, and suddenly the remoteness doesn’t seem so nice. I guess we will save that for day-trips and call it an occasional “get-away” from the stressful hamlet life.

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  1. hafiz says:

    Dude! Did you photoshop Mona Obaachaan on the electric wires? lol (5th picture)

  2. kevin says:

    Those electric wires annoy me to no end, ruining otherwise nice photos. I decided that it is too much trouble to photoshop them out, so I decided it was easier to photoshop something else in that makes use of them.

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