Bachelor Party

DSC_5369 copy

Tomoe and Mona have gone to Nagoya for a few days to visit Mona’s grandparents. I have until Sunday afternoon to party it up. Lets see…

* Go to hardware store tomorrow to get all the supplies I need to get some minor home improvements done while I can. – Its better to apologize and say “I can always change it back” than to ask permission.

* No sleep because I will be partying on two web projects I have been unable to concentrate on with both Mona vying for my undivided attention.

Sounds like a party.

Being rare to be away from Mona for so long I realized I have very few photos of the two of us together. While I know that there is no more chance of a train crash now than if they were only gone for a half-day, I decided I should get one shot at the station just in case.

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  1. MOM says:

    Great picture of you and Mona. Please send this one along with the picture of Tomoe and Mona from a previous post to our Walgreen account so I can get prints made.

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