March, 2012

Bachelor Party

Tomoe and Mona have gone to Nagoya for a few days to visit Mona’s grandparents. I have until Sunday afternoon to party it up. Lets see… * Go to hardware store tomorrow to get all the supplies I need to get some minor home improvements done while I can. – Its better to apologize and [...]

Meanwhile, In Snow Country

My sister-in-law facebooked some photos of niece and nephew chillin’ in the backyard pool with sun-bonnets, Hawaiian shirts, and inflatable palm trees. They are in Michigan. It is March. Meanwhile, Mona, Tomoe and I took a walk yesterday exploring one of the roads that goes out back behind the hamlet toward the mountain and out [...]

First Fuki

I have made it a point to upload and post on the same day as taking the photos in the interest of keeping accurate records so I can see next year what date it was this year that we picked and enjoyed eating our first fukinoto of the season. It was today. They were small, [...]

A Booster Shot of Wild Greens

A neighbor and proprietor of a surprisingly high-class Chinese restaurant (“surprisingly” because it is in the middle of the next farm hamlet with no other businesses anywhere around it – not exactly what you expect in the countryside) stopped by this morning to invite us to tea time. It was actually “just” a free lunch [...]

Sakae Snow Festival

We slept in this morning after a long (for Tomeo) and fun (for all of us) day at the local snow-festival. Festivals are soooooooo much more fun when you are selling something. It doesn’t really matter what or how much you make, but it sure beats just standing around buying stuff and running out of [...]


Celebrating Mona’s first day of school with a bowl of Minnie Mouse fish-cake ramen. She only attended one of the pre-k open school days where kids and parents are invited to come in and hang out. Mona had fun (as we knew she would) despite showing a little confusion when the teachers spoke to her [...]

Beautiful Gray Days

Yesterday and today have been beautiful lazy gray rainy drizzle days. I was confused for a while, as to why I felt so cheery, but soon realized that the drizzle meant that it was not snowing. Yes, spring is here. Of course, the cheeriness seems to have worn off since yesterday, and today is a [...]

What (Half) Gaijin Girls Get to Drink

This is another installation in the “What Gaijin Eat” series (though, I believe it is the technical term for Mona is “half-gaijin”). There is a winter festival coming up in two weeks and Tomoe will be opening a food stall selling some of her rice-flour waffles and hot-cocoa. Mona and I are the lucky ones [...]