February, 2012

Mona Photos

Mona and Tomoe enjoy breakfast. I was just trying to use up some left-over space on the memory stick so I could download photos to my computer.

When I was her age…

Well, I probably didn’t sled much, other than being pulled around the yard, which I am sure I enjoyed. When I was a little older, however, I had to beg mom and dad to drive me to the nearest hill, which was the side of the ramp of a bridge downtown. How lucky Mona is [...]

Sorry, Kelly

My apologies to my sister for not taking her and her kids to see the monkeys when they were here. Mona loved it. I am guessing Oscar and Irene would have too. Oh, well. Next time, I guess. As you can see, seeing the monkeys wasn’t just fun for her, but a bit inspirational too.

Snow Country Outing

Haven’t been to visit some of the other near-by hamlets since we got back two-weeks ago, and Tomoe needs some time-away-from-Mona for study, so yesterday Mona and I made a short trip up to Izumidaira (map), a tiny two-road hamlet just up the mountain. As you may have guessed, there was plenty of snow-photography to [...]

Mona Enjoys an All-You-Can-Eat Snow Buffet.

We finally finished shoveling a spot in front of the house to park the car yesterday, and are once again expecting another 70cm before tomorrow. Every time I go outside the front door I am surprised now because without being able to see out the window (snow is deeper than window) it is easy to [...]

Bath Time

We don’t get out much now, so I only have photos of our trip to the bath, just a few minute walk down the street. Yesterday we took the van though, because the elderly neighbor hasn’t had a chance to go since the snow started falling, so we drove her. I feel sad that she [...]


It has started to snow again after two days of being pleasantly calm and only a bit sprinkly. We are currently officially at 3.7 meters with more in some place and less in others (12.14 feet). Tomoe does nothing but stare through the kitchen window. If it gets any worse I may have to let [...]