December, 2011

Home for Holidays

No particular reason for not updating the blog, other than getting ready to go to, and finally making the journey to grandma and grandpa’s house in Michigan. Its a bit worrisome leaving home for a month when we had a meter and a half of snow in just the four days before leaving. I was [...]

Persimmon Cookies

The snow is falling. We have a foot or so on the ground and it will be snowing all night. Its great because it means that many of the the getting ready for the snow preparations that are not done yet will just have to remain un-done. The to-do list just got a lot shorter. [...]


All good things must come to an end. Persimmon season ended early for me this year as I, in my rush to eat as many fresh persimmon as possible in the next two weeks before we have to leave them to ferment as we heat to the US, had quite a scare last night. Vomiting [...]

Sprouts & Vinegar

Kaki Week

Another official custom-made family holiday Mona will grow up with is Kaki Week – the week (actually longer) that we pick, peel, and hang persimmons to dry. We have spent three nights this week working on about four-hundred, and tomorrow I will brave the fresh snow to pick more. The pressure is on, however, as [...]

What will she remember

Around this time people ask if I miss having a traditional Thanksgiving or winter holiday season. To be honest, no. Not at all. Not to say I don’t miss family, but I dont miss them any more on “special” days than I miss them on regular days. We make no special effort to bring the [...]